Shimano Nexus INTER-8 Reviews, Pictures, Maintenance, Installation and Drawings

The most sold internal geared hub in the world is now online on Hubstripping with a lot of top secret informations: The Shimano Nexus INTER-8!

How should I maintain the hub?

What is the difference between the standard SG-8R20 and the premium INTER-8 SG-8R25?

Did you know that your INTER-8 loves to bathe in oil?

Did you know that Shimano improved the sealing by changing the dust cap on the new models?

  • SG-8R27 (March 2007, english, Differences to January 2005, german and September 2006, english SG-8R25: Right Hand Dust Caps Parts 31, 44. Improved Sealing!)
  • SG-8R30 (August 2007, english, Interchangeability Overview between SG-8R20, SG-8R22, SG-8R30, SG-8R35, SG-8C20 and SG-8C22. Also details about the applicable Sprockets in Combination with the new Dust Caps)
  • SG-8R35 (August 2007, english, Interchangeability Overview between SG-8R25, SG-8R27 and SG-8R30. Also details about the applicable Sprockets in Combination with the new Dust Caps)
  • SG-8C22 (March 2007, english, Differences to SG-8C20: Right Hand Dust Caps Parts 26, 42. Improved Sealing!)

All the details are on the static Shimano Nexus INTER-8 HUBSTRIPPING page.

Which is the better hub? Shimano Alfine, Shimano Nexus INTER-8 or SRAM i-MOTION-9? Read the Internal Hub Gear Review!

Have fun!


  1. Martin

    After having asked several “experts” about the interchangeability of the premium and standard internal assemblies and having got mainly the answer that it is impossible to change them again I’m again surprised about the scheme posted here (I’ve found it in a 2004 techtalk newsletter of Shimano, too). With so many contrary statements I still wonder if there are any limitations in the interchangeability?
    Thanks anyway for this very good information, also about the maintenance!

  2. I am interested in learning more about installation of this unit and of course the whole sale cost to me.

    Thank you,


  3. Dick,

    there are a lot installation details stored on hubstripping! Please check !
    I don´t sell these hubs. Please contact your local dealer for prices.



  4. Steve Weeks, DDS

    Does anyone know the characteristics of the “Maintenance Oil” used in the “dip” technique? I have used Dexron ATF on a Nexus-8 SG-8R20, and it seems to work OK. ow I’m overhauling a “Premium” SG-8R25; I’ll use ATF again, but I’d rather use the closest thing to what Shimano recommends.

  5. Andrew Beattie

    Have a Nexus 8 speed for 2yr 5 mts. Loved it until recently. Gears 5 to 8 got noisy and now have locked. Cannot pedal in these gears. Only 1200 miles done on it and am very disappointed in Shimano quality in the Nexus. I have had Shimano equipped bikes for 30 yrs and this is the 1st problem. It has put me off internal gears for life!

    • david anderson

      It is a shame tou are ‘put off’internal gears
      My nexus 8 ,4 year old approx 5ooo+ kms hasn’t missed a beat but to release pressure on crank when changing down. Its in an Avanti blade 8and have done many ks in europe usually with approx 10-12 extra kilos.Love it to bits

      • Andrew Beattie

        Have now got a Thorn Rohloff and done 3000Km on it. It is great and far better than the Shimano. Much easier to mend a puncture as well. It pops out easily compared to messing about with the wires on shimano.

  6. Pieter

    In 1997 or 1998 I fitted a Sachs S7 (now SRAM) to my commuting bike, it needed a new clickbox, and after 5 years, I replaced the springs and some bearings, and now my son uses it regularly. In 2005 I bought a new bike with a Nexus Inter 8 hub. In the past four years it has behaved well, very little trouble, I’ve twice opened it up for greasing with the Shimano grease. It is now starting to make strange noises and getting stuck in some gears. I would like to try to replace the clutch unit and main spring, but special tools are needed and these are expensive. It is not much dearer to buy a new unit. Has anyone any simple ways of stripping (and reassembling the shimano nexus hubs without the special tools?

  7. rene

    hello, should someone help me, i have a standart bike wit a shimano derailleurs and cassette, but i wan’t to chenge for gear hub, is it posible to do that. I cant find any webside where is more info about any. tha u

    • Steve Weeks, DDS

      Your frame will most likely have a vertical drop-out, which usually doesn’t work well with a geared hub. You may find it necessary to fit a chain tensioner. Also, the frame may be too narrow for the geared hub. The “over-locknut dimension” (O.L.D.) of the geared hub is probably significantly greater than that of your cassette-equipped hub. Steel frames can sometimes be expanded (“cold set”), but this should be done by someone who knows how. Aluminum frames generally should not be treated this way.

    • Steve Weeks, DDS

      Here’s a web site that discusses cold-setting:
      If you look around there, you will see information about internally geared hubs.

  8. Jo

    Unlike derailier, You need to be at least prepared to put in some minimal maintenance with these hubs if you want them to last. Ive had 2 and both have had bearing lubrication issues which required dismantling. I dont like the use of the large diameter ball race behind the drive sprocket it is a weak point in the tolerance of the design.

  9. Does anybody know how to get rid of the expensive Shimano oil by replacing it by another type of oil ?? Because spending £112 for a pint of oil is killing me…
    Maybe some viscosity indications are worth a test ??
    Thank you for your answers.

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