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The Rohloff Speedhub has a own static page. With a lot of interesting stuff about the revolutionary internal gear hub.

  •  See also a customized Speedhub for the german Polizei

A detailed comparison about all available internally geared hubs is also available.

Check also the new informations about the NEW Rohloff hub for 2008!

What we have seen at the EUROBIKE is now available for eyeryone. The product mangers from CANNONDALE created a new bicycle concept for a new customer group.


The concept is a mixture out of a BMX and a Street Bike. Called Hooligan! The heart of the concept are the new internal gear hubs with disc brake mounting.

There is a SRAM i-MOTION 3 disc brake version available with rapid fire shift levers (Hooligan 2). Please click & check picture:

On the german SRAM page are already all new i-MOTION parts shown. But I couldn´t find a rapid fire style shifter for the i-MOTION. There are only turning based shifters available. Maybe the Cannondale pics show a prototype!

The Hooligan 1 comes with a the black Shimano 8-Speed Alfine hub:

Is this a sucsessfull bicycle concept?

It´s a fun bicycle with the objective to cycle in urban environment. And even more… to ride ways which are not possible to go by classic street bikes. If you loke at the massive frame with the elevated bottom bracket and the fat tires this should be possible. If there is a path you tried to ride but always failed. Here is a possible solution.

It´s fascinating to see what the bicycle designers work out for concept with the new generation of internal geared hubs.

A detailed review about this new generation hubs!

The most sold internal geared hub in the world is now online on Hubstripping with a lot of top secret informations: The Shimano Nexus INTER-8!

How should I maintain the hub?

What is the difference between the standard SG-8R20 and the premium INTER-8 SG-8R25?

Did you know that your INTER-8 loves to bathe in oil?

Did you know that Shimano improved the sealing by changing the dust cap on the new models?

  • SG-8R27 (March 2007, english, Differences to January 2005, german and September 2006, english SG-8R25: Right Hand Dust Caps Parts 31, 44. Improved Sealing!)
  • SG-8R30 (August 2007, english, Interchangeability Overview between SG-8R20, SG-8R22, SG-8R30, SG-8R35, SG-8C20 and SG-8C22. Also details about the applicable Sprockets in Combination with the new Dust Caps)
  • SG-8R35 (August 2007, english, Interchangeability Overview between SG-8R25, SG-8R27 and SG-8R30. Also details about the applicable Sprockets in Combination with the new Dust Caps)
  • SG-8C22 (March 2007, english, Differences to SG-8C20: Right Hand Dust Caps Parts 26, 42. Improved Sealing!)

All the details are on the static Shimano Nexus INTER-8 HUBSTRIPPING page.

Which is the better hub? Shimano Alfine, Shimano Nexus INTER-8 or SRAM i-MOTION-9? Read the Internal Hub Gear Review!

Have fun!

First informations and pictures of the new i-MOTION 9 internally geared hub version.

The disc version:

The freewheel version:

The weight for both version is 1980gram. A lot of other facts according the i-Motion 9 and all new 2008 Comfort products are linked here!

Update: In the comment below you´ll find a Schwinn Cruiser with a kick back hub!

See what bicycle intrested people think about this “old fashioned ” hub tink:

1. Koogswell Blog

July 29, 2006

Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo DUOMATIC hub

Our good friend Ray Coffey loaned us this gem.
It is a two-speed, kickback hub It shifts between high
and low gear when you back pedal it.
Bendix made two-speed hubs as well.
I had a bike with a Bendix two-speed when I was ten
and I really liked it.

This hub is so much finer.

It is light and the chrome plating is smooth and deep.

I doubt that I’ll find a way to reproduce this hub.
But if I had a lot of spare cash, this is the hub
that I would re-engineer.

Some day hubs like this will be all but extinct.

What a shame.
These were the Shimano Ultegras of their time.

See more…

2. Moulton Buzz

DUOMATIC on my mark III

Monday, July 23rd, 2007If this hub was to come on the market now, I’m sure the reviews would ridicule it as primitive. But that’s it’s beauty, it’s simple, it works, it’s not black. And it requires a little bit of skill and finesse to use it most effectively.

When the fixed gear craze goes out of fashion, as it inevitably will, and cyclists search for something that is simple AND functional… these will be in high demand. Apparently Sturmey Archer are considering remaking the ASC hub, the 3 speed fixed gear hub. Any chance that SRAM would remake the DUOMATIC??

Read more…


Stuff I Like and Stuff I Have Done

Barrett said…
Okay…this is coming in a tad late, but after nine years of having a NOS Sachs Torpedo hub in my possession, I’ve finally built a bike around it (pet name “FauxFix”), and, in two days of riding, I love it. The drive side is missing its protective “cover” for the bearings, but I’m hoping to find a reasonable replacement. (any ideas for a substitute?) The frame is a worn-but-loverly ’84 Dawes Atlantis road frame (all Reynolds 531, lugged, etc.). Rides like a dream, and I can fully understand the new-found niche popularity for this hub (“don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” was seldom more true). Practically all the virtues of a fixed-gear without the hair-shirt attitude. Fixie addicts look puzzled as I come to a stop at a street light with little effort and no histrionics. Propulsion, gear shifting and braking are all controlled by one’s feet – no levers or cables as intermediaries. I admit it’s taking a bit of time to adjust; I haven’t been aboard a coaster-brake-equipped bike, on a regular basis, anyway, in a little over forty years (I’m 51). I have several swoopy, go-fast bikes that I love dearly (including an ALex Moulton 14-speed that I bought new 22 years ago), but this may be the sweetest, sexiest practical bike I’ve ever owned.If I were King, I’d decree that SRAM should put this lovely hub back into production, posthaste (perhaps with a lighter alloy shell, but otherwise unchanged). But it’s probably *too* practical to see the light of day again…people like gadgets with lots of “stuff” to validate their status as consumers, so an unassuming-but-solid and sensible product gets overlooked. More’s the pity.- Barrett

4. Check also this very interesting comment on the The Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo DUOMATIC internal gear hub Story Posting:

Matthew McGregor-Mento (14:50:26) : edit


I love your site. Sachs two speed hubs are my favorite hubs. I have about 5 of them. I have a few kickbacks and few automatics. I also bought various parts to repair them from a closed bicycle shop in Canada. I have a small bicycle company in New York City. I have actually asked SRAM (the company that now has the DUOMATIC tooling) to make these hubs again. Perhaps some day they will.



I agree on all the statments. We´ll see the hub in the future. This will not be something like the Nexus AUTO D hub with batteries & electronics. The charm is this fantastic mechanical mechanism. It´s simplicity and ease of use. Less maintenance and a functionallity which will work also at -5°C. Because there are no frozen bowden cables.

And finally the beautiful hub shell with these smooth waves on it. Please have a look. Isn´t “she” great?



Summery: The Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo DUOMATIC hub is the only former (historical) hub which has so many supporter. It´s something special. All other hubs principles are further developed and improved. But they all need a bowden cable or a battery!

Let´s start collecting money to reanimate this great hub! Or lets do it on our own!

The Shimano Alfine internal gear hub has it´s own hubstripping page. I decided to create for each hub a static page. The idea is to collect all relevant and interesting informations about the hub.

Please post on the different pages links which are hub relevant. I´ll add your links into the page. So here are the data I´ll collected over the last years about the Shimano Alfine. The greatest document is the service manual (in German) of the Shimano Nexus INTER-8 which is equivalent to the Alfine hub. There are a lot pictures which show all the hub details. Fantastic!

If your interested how the Alfine performs against other hubs read the Internal Gear Hub Review.

Have fun hubstripping!

I found a interesting bicycle concept on eBay. The F&S Torpedo AUTOMATIC looks new. I recognize it one the blank hub shell and the brown grease parts on the shell cap. That´s exactly the grease which comes out of the hub when you start riding a new Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo AUTOMATIC or DUOMATIC hub. This stops after the first 50 -150km. Then you wipe it away and have fun! Also the chain is new! Seems that this guy had luck to find one with 36 spoke holes. These are very rare.

Here are some details:You are bidding on a very special Olmo bike built by myself on the basis of an old 53 cm frame (center to center). The colour is white changing to an a little bit pinkish red. It’s got two new wheels with Ambrosio Excursion rims, Sachs Torpedo Automatic 2-Speed coaster brake hub back and Shimano 105 hub (the older slimline one!). For the very special rear hub please see my other auction for the same item. It is new from old stock. The wheels are handbuilt by me (I’m a professional bike mechanic) with stainless silver DT Competition spokes. If you’re buying that bike, you can chose to have the back wheel with a Torpedo DUOMATIC hub instead of the AUTOMATIC! That is the version where you shift through a short backward pedaling impulse. The foldable Schwalbe Stelvio tires, inner tubes, handlebar Humpert Moon, pedals, chain, sprocket, grips and the only necessary cable on that bike (!) going to the front brake are new.
Used are: Seatpost and stem DuraAce respectively DuraAce AX (see pictures). Saddle Flite in bad shape and rather there just to complete the bike. A matching new saddle would have been too expensive. Crank and front brake are Campagnolo.
I am riding the Duomatic version of the hub on my bike for a year now and it’s great fun! You need no shifter, cable and rear brake, and still you’ve got a very simple, easy to maintain bike with the luxury of two speeds and two brakes. You’ve got the look and the simplicity of a fixie but the comfort of two speeds, a freewheel and a rear brake!

This is a private auction, no Warranty, no Return!

If there’s any questions, fell free to ask. Please mail for pictures with higher resolution, but only if you’re really interested and able to pay at least the actual bid. That saves me work, thanks!

Shipping in Switzerland is SFR 26.-
I will ship internationally, shipping is SFR 70.- to 193.- according to your country without insurance. Somehow it displays SFR 70.- shipping if you don’t choose a single country. This is wrong! So either choose one country or ask for details if yours is not displayed.

I will not answer any questions until October 5th because I’m on the move. But then you’ll get all the information I might have forgotten to put.



Welche Getriebenabe ist die beste? Der neue Getriebenabentest verrät mehr unter Hubstripping Review

Folgende Naben wurden verglichen:

  • Shimano
    • Nexus INTER-3
    • Nexus INTER-7
    • Nexus INTER-8
    • Alfine (8 Gang)
  • Sram
    • T3
    • P5
    • P5 Cargo
    • S7
    • i-Motion 3
    • i-Motion 9
  • Sturmey Archer
    • 3 Gang
    • 5 Gang
    • 8 Gang
  • Rohloff
    • Speedhub 500/14 (14 Gang)
  • Fichtel & Sachs
    • Torpedo Duomatic (2 Gang)
    • Torpedo Automatic (2 Gang)

Which is the best internally geared hub?

The following hubs are reviewed and compared on the new Hubstripping Review page:

  • Shimano
    • Nexus INTER-3
    • Nexus INTER-7
    • Nexus INTER-8
    • Alfine (8 Speed)
  • Sram
    • T3
    • P5
    • P5 Cargo
    • S7
    • i-Motion 3
    • i-Motion 9
  • Sturmey Archer
    • 3 Speed
    • 5 Speed
    • 8 Speed
  • Rohloff
    • Speedhub 500/14 (14 Speed)
  • Fichtel & Sachs
    • Torpedo Duomatic (2 Speed)
    • Torpedo Automatic (2 Speed)

Genesis Bikes made their own thoughts about the Shimano Alfine internal gear hub. Here is the result of their interpretation of the Alfine:

2008 Genesis io ID

Picture copyright Genesis Bikes

Here are the specs:

    Colour: Metallic orange
    Reynolds 725 disc-only single-speed frame
    RockShox Recon XC Air
    Shimano Deore Hydraulic twin-piston brakes
    Shimano Alfine rear & Shimano Deore front
    Alex XD-Lite disc rims
    Continental Mountain King Folding 2.2″ tyres
    Alloy Ahead stem with 31.8mm oversize handlebar
    New lighter 400mm seat post
    Shimano PD-M520 Pedals
    * Ti rail saddle