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A Klapprad named “Vaterland” with a Duomatic hub plays the main role in this short movie…

I received pictures about another DUOMATIC bicycle Project.  Quite often it´s necessary to space the internal gear hubs to fit them perfect in the dropout width of  the frame. Here is a picture of John´s solution:


“Attached is a photo of a washer/spacer I made for my duomatic R2110. It is made of soft aluminium so the teeth on the right-side cone of the hub will grip into it. The two milled flat surfaces will fit into the frame dropout, so it does not rotate. With this washer I have been able to space the R2110 hub to 120mm (same as a standard track frame) without any issues of the axle spinning. Note that the photo shows the washer in an unfinished state – I still had to drill out the central hole so it fits over the axle.”

Finally a picture of the actual bicycle status


Thanks John for sharing your NTWD “Non Turing Washer Design” for the DUOMATIC hub.


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