Let´s collect links to online bicycle shops who offer internal geared hubs, accessories and spare parts. (Just copy the link in the Comment field and add if possible your experience)



  1. I have no experience with Komponentix


    but I recommended it a few times and the feedback was good.
    It´s in german just follow these links to reach the internal geared hubs (also ALFINE black & white and SRAM i-Motion 9).

    Home –> Naben –> Getriebeschaltnaben



  2. leon woodbine

    I’ve had an excellent experience with Petra Cycles. Even though they are across the Atlantic and a conversion from GBP to Canadian dollars, I would recommend them and plan to buy from them again. Good selection of Alfine/nexus parts.


  3. marcus wood


    am i correct in syaing you have some torpedo hubs for sale? I am currently building a “modern” classic cafe cruiser. Am considering Cenrix NOS 3 speed or duomatic for a cleaner look. What do you recommend? How reliable are Centrix hubs?



  4. Marcus,

    I have no experience with Centrix hubs. The F&S hubs are very reliable. I drive my Duomatic since 6 years (12 km per working day!). The DUO and AUTO decision is a price decision. Both hubs have a easy and reliable shifting mechanism. The AUTOMATIC hub is more special and rare!



  5. kari

    hi marco!

    do you have any duomatic left?
    i am interested about that. ihave old army bike 28″ wheels

  6. Hello Kari,

    the are still some hubs left.



  7. dries

    I found these sites to have very competitive prices


    • If you encourage folks to buy online, then what incentive is there for brick and mortar IBDs (LBSs) to stock and service internal hubs? Best to buy from a local bike shop.

      • bradc

        there is little incentive for LBS. LBS also is unlikely to stock the range of products available from online stores, but they are highly likely to charge double or more. LBS is redundant.

  8. Hi Hubstripper,

    finally I found a person named Jens Hansen!!! He lives in Germany and has a interesting profession:

    Repairing, selling used internal geared hubs and the spareparts.

    So if you looking for a old hub e.g. Fichtel & Sachs or some spareparts have a lock on his website
    Here is the link to the Duomatic spareparts and hubs….

    Please inform him in detail about the hub version you have. Because there are two Duomatic versions out there!



  9. Of course: http://www.simpel.ch

    Only Internal Gear Bikes with Rohloff, NuVinci, Shimano and Sram combined with Chain or Belt Drive.

  10. Ronna

    Hi Marcus

    do you have any duomatic or automatic hub left?

  11. william wilson

    I got my Alfine from here


    good price, fast delivery to Massachusetts

  12. I work for Biketoolsetc and we are now stocking an extensive line of Sturmey Hubs and parts for old and new Sturmey hubs.
    We’ll be stocking the S3X “Fixie” Hubs by the end of Jan 2010.

    Just discovered this site, VERY useful. I’m trying to make this not sound like an advertisement, but folks are welcome to call (541-482-0222, business hours, US Pacific time) or E-me at larry@biketoolsetc.com for parts or hub availability.

    We have many parts not listed on our site (www.biketoolsetc.com) and are adding parts as we can find them. Also working on retooling some hard to find Sturmey spanners.

    Larry Browning

  13. Jim Roux

    Harris cyclery is also a Shimano authorized dealer

  14. We just received our first shipment of Sturmey’s S3X 3 speed “fixie” hubs in silver, black, gold and red. Available in 120mm and 130mm over locknut. Go to http://www.biketoolsetc.com and type SU-S3X into the search engine.

    Any questions you can reach me at larry@biketoolsetc.com.


  15. Henrik Andersen


    I might be off-topic for the site, but I’m looking for a Torpedo SINGLE-speed brake hub.

    I’ve had several bikes with such a hub, and they are WAY superior to what you get today, imho.

    However, it is very hard to find – does anyone know where to get it?

    And, in case the Torpedo hub cannot be found: What’s the best alternative, in your opinion?

    Thanks a lot for your advice.

    • john

      I bought one on a bike two weeks ago, and they are often available on bikes on ebay uk.

      you need to look for single speed /back pedal brake Moultons

      preferably a mini as there less desirable and cheeper…

      28 spoke is most common, some 32 spoke, I’ll swop you for a duo-matic…


  16. valeria

    Ciao Marco,
    sorry for my ask, I’d like to buy Duomatic…….I can from you….????
    Thanks so much, Valeria

  17. Mike

    Marco–Hi. I am interested in buying an Automatic for my Dahon Mu Uno. Do you have one to sell and if so, how much? Thanks

  18. Hi Mike,

    there are no hubs left!


    You can order a hub from Jens!


  19. Timmi

    scheunefun.de domain name is up for sale.
    this link is no longer operational.

  20. shlaw64

    Hi, I purchased some duomatics from Marco a few years ago. They are perfect. Ive used them in many clean look bike builds. Since then after re greasing them ,I have developed a interest in to 2 speed hubs that has included USA Schwinn Bendix style. I have a good amount of either hubs ,30 or more, some I sell or swap. I live in Australia and if anyone is chasing new or refurbished hubs , drop me a email on walshfamily@westnet.com.au , and I will see if I can help you out SHLAW64

  21. aaronsbicyclerepair

    If you can’t beat them join them!

    Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to offer spare parts to the Internet community. We are not discounting these. We service a lot of hubs here in Seattle so there is little incentive to blow them out. We expect our spare part stock to grow as time goes by. We are committed to importing and acquiring parts for hubs where ever we can. Importing from Germany and Japan when necessary!

    For service and parts:

    However, to help us all in the long run, encourage, by asking for, IGH spares and service at your LBS.

    Cheers and Gear, Aaron

  22. benitom

    is a good german bicycle dealer too


  23. Starbike? Really? Besides Roholoff discounts, I did not find a single IGH hub for sale.
    If ya’ll want IGH hubs and parts and service to become more available, you need to encourage your LBS to stock hubs and parts. Pay them to overhaul your hub!
    Foster a real-life relationship with the owner or service manager.
    When I started working in bike shops, overhauling a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub was considered a badge of honor and really, only the most experienced mechanics did it. Now with the internet and Youtube videos I am surprised how many shops cannot do it.
    And with Powerhouse, Shimano fully behind the IGH rennaissance, I am even more surprised at how hard it is to get a hub serviced!

    Cheers, Aaron

  24. I just bought a new Shimano Alfine 8 IGH from http://www.rose.de.
    The price was the best I could find at the moment.

  25. Here’s one I built up and am selling. I hope another duomatic fan picks it up! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190954940576#shpCntId

  26. Внимание, будьте осторожны! Тебя обманули? Добавь этого человека или организацию сюда stop-list.ru. черный список мошенники – полная база всех, кто кидает честный народ!

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