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This Blog is for SALE…

Hi hubstrippers,

I made the decision to stop managing this blog. My interests have changed a bit. I´am still on bicycles especially tandem. I bought some tandem from the company Hase bike in Germany. The tandem is called PINO. I started to rent the tandem under the company name called “RENT-A-PINO“.

All the PINO bicycles come with a Rohloff Speedhub. So the internal geared hubs are still my favorite choice. So if you are interested to ride with the PINOs through Germany or Europe please let me know.

If there is someone interested to work further on the hubstripping project please let me know this by using the comment field below. I offer the domain “” and the account of this wordpress blog with the stored content.

Informations about the statistics of hubstripping can be found at

I would like to hand over this project to someone who will develop the hubstripping idea further and give cyclists a platform to discuss all concerning topic about internal geared hubs.

Please give me your feedback until 1st of September.