Ride it like you stole it!

What we have seen at the EUROBIKE is now available for eyeryone. The product mangers from CANNONDALE created a new bicycle concept for a new customer group.


The concept is a mixture out of a BMX and a Street Bike. Called Hooligan! The heart of the concept are the new internal gear hubs with disc brake mounting.

There is a SRAM i-MOTION 3 disc brake version available with rapid fire shift levers (Hooligan 2). Please click & check picture:

On the german SRAM page are already all new i-MOTION parts shown. But I couldn´t find a rapid fire style shifter for the i-MOTION. There are only turning based shifters available. Maybe the Cannondale pics show a prototype!

The Hooligan 1 comes with a the black Shimano 8-Speed Alfine hub:

Is this a sucsessfull bicycle concept?

It´s a fun bicycle with the objective to cycle in urban environment. And even more… to ride ways which are not possible to go by classic street bikes. If you loke at the massive frame with the elevated bottom bracket and the fat tires this should be possible. If there is a path you tried to ride but always failed. Here is a possible solution.

It´s fascinating to see what the bicycle designers work out for concept with the new generation of internal geared hubs.

A detailed review about this new generation hubs!


  1. blackdafied

    This is the kind of bike I’ve always wanted, a blend of BMX durability and mountain bike versatility. If this bike were produced and sold at the right price and the right places (college campuses), it would sell like crazy.

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