New SRAM i-MOTION 9 hub Disc and Freewheel Version

First informations and pictures of the new i-MOTION 9 internally geared hub version.

The disc version:

The freewheel version:

The weight for both version is 1980gram. A lot of other facts according the i-Motion 9 and all new 2008 Comfort products are linked here!


  1. Peter

    Hi there,

    For anyone that has one of these i-Motion freewheel hubs, can they confirm that the only difference between the “disc” and “freewheel” version, is the little dust cover on the non drive side?

    That is, the freewheel version actually has a disc mount — but is just covered over by the dust cover. And you coould just take the cover off, and install a disc brake?

  2. Indeed that is the case.

  3. Cliff

    weight difference i-motion 9 / i-motion 9 carbon ?

  4. Greg Call

    Help, I have a 09 Giant Bowery fixed gear and I’m seriously bouncing around the idea of replacing the FG with a SRAM I motion 9. The biggest hurdle I’ve identified is the width between the rear dropouts; my Bowery has 120 mm and it appears to me the SRAM needs 135 mm to fit. Yet I see examples of online of others who have successfully made a similar change to their FG bike. My question is does anyone have any words of wisdom or experience with fitting the SRAM to a similar frame and can tell me what I have to do to make it work or if I’m headed to minefield of problems.

  5. Dave

    I would very much like to fit a Rohloff 14 speed to my Cannondale Jekyll but cant run to the cost. The next best option is the SRAM 9 speed with a deraileur front changer.
    I found this very helpful.

    To fit the drop-outs you will have to spring your frame but 120 to 135 is only 7mm per side. If you want to be sure you could get some 10mm threaded bar and some steel tube use this with some big nuts to spring the frame and pull in the lugs.

    You’ll also note these hubs also come with a disc brake mount.

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