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Shimano announces a 11 gear hub. The range will be 409% (Alfine 8 gear 307%). The hub runs in a oil bath like the Rohloff Speddhub. This should result a higher efficiency and longer lifetime. The price will be 300,- Euro release data is September 2010.

Check out our official Alfine 11 page for more info.

Using a Nexus or Alfine internal gear hub from Shimano with a drop bar or a road style handle bar was not possible. The problem were the available shifters.  Jtek a engineering company from Hugo, MN has developed a bar-end shifter. The shifter is very light which hopefully has now influence for his lifetime. From the distance it looks like the main parts are made out of aluminium. Also the design locks rigid! The clamping part needs a 24mm bar diameter.

Thanks to Bob for this information!

Peter Eland from has written an interesting article about internal geared hubs.

Here is his conclusion:


It’s great to see internal gear hubs developing to 

the extent we’ve experienced in these reviews. The 

Alfine in particular has the ease-of-use and style to 

charm everyday riders away from derailleurs and 

to introduce them to the low-maintenance joys of 

hub gearing. The SRAM too is a user-friendly hub, 

but perhaps more aimed at the performance rider 

who will appreciate the wider, more even spread of 

gears and won’t mind the extra cost. 

The Rohloff is in a different league in every 

aspect: range, price, tandem rating and quality. 

It shifts reliably but not quite as smoothly as the 

Alfine, and the lower range noise is irritating, at 

least on a non-worn-in hub. But it’s still the only 

truly wide-ratio hub gear, and many will find it 

well worth the money. Strong riders who break 

other hub gears may well end up with the Rohloff 

too, as the only hub they can’t destroy.  

The NuVinci was a very pleasant surprise 

– a novel transmission which really works. Yes, it’s 

heavy, and perhaps a bit draggy, but it’s bomb- 

proof and super easy to use for non-mechanically 

minded riders: a welcome addition to the hub gear 

world and one which deserves to do well. 

More details can be found here:

Cesur Bikes offers a LED light for the i-motion 9 turning shifter. The power for the LED is generated by the necessary hub dynamo. If bicycle lights with a “stand light function” (condensator) are used the shifter LED light also shines during stand the stand still of the wheels!
The same lights are also available for the Shimano Inter-8 shifters.
The lights should increase the safety of urban bicycle rides during the night. For cyclists who need and use the gear indicator it´s a good achievement. For cyclists who use their leg integrated “speed feeling shift mechanism” this is a unnecessary gadget.
So please decide yourself to which fraction you belong! 

The Cannondale Bad Boy bicycle was the fundament for this new bicycle: Cannondale RAW Plus:

– Shimano Alfine internal geared hub in combination with custommade coloured cranks in 26″ wheels .  

– Fantastic looking Vredestein tyres.

– All bicycle parts manufacturer names are removed from the parts. (Except Brooks!) 

– Extremly stylish! 


– The chain fender is not capsuled.  


  Read here what the producer says:



Our world is in transition.

We are now more mindful of the planet’s resources. No matter which age, sex or society we belong to, we make our choices more consciously then ever.

Riding a bike is a choice. In fact, cycling is an attitude. the bike itself is a statement about its owner. 

Details about the Alfine hub… 

Finally, here is one of the first available pictures which show the new Shimano Nexus Inter 3 Speed hub.

Copyright: Daniel Fikuart


Shimano product manager Florian Nebel sees trendy urban bike concepts, Crusiers and children bicycles as the focus market for this hub.  Focus region is the USA! Source is the german bicycle Magazin ” Aktiv Radfahren “. See also this post about the first realized bicycle concept from Specialized with the Inter-3.  

The Shimano Alfine hubstrip is online.

The hub was part of a Downhill bike. I estimate that the hub was around 400km in use. All internal parts are greased with a white grease. Even the filigree ratchets which is very unusual. On a few pictures you´ll see metal dust on the white grease as a result of a massive metal abrasion. This is a normal process in the beginning of a hub life. The internal parts are new machined and do not fit perfect into each other. In the first kilometers of usage this “shake down” process produces a lot of metal dust. For a long hub life it´s important to clean an regrease the hub.

To optimize the efficiency of the hub it´s necessary to use grease and oil for the different internal parts. Shimano uses 100% grease inside the hub. This has the advantage of long maintenance intervals. The grease will last a whole hub life!

But the efficiency is bad. For sportive purpose like the Alfine is designed it makes sense to optimize the lubrication and have a one or two year maintenance interval. I my eyes it makes sense to use grease and special oil for the different parts inside the hub. It would not be possible to go for 100% like the Speedhub because of the hub shell / dust cap seal. This seal is not designed to prevent that the oil will leake out of the hub. There is a fantastic article from Chester Kyle and Frank Berto published in the Technical Journal of the IHPVA issue 52. (Also interesting to read is the feedback from Bernd Rohloff in the following issues. A great scientific showdown!)

“The grease in the Sachs 3 and the
Sturmey Archer 3-speeds was replaced
with light oil, and unlike the other hub
gear transmissions, the efficiencies of
the Sachs 3 and Sturmey 3, compare
well with the best of the derailleur
transmissions (figs. 7, 9, and 12).
Also, these transmissions were worn
in, whereas many of the others were
new. Manufacturers would do well to
replace heavy grease in their hub gears
with light oil. Although oil wouldn’t
last as long as grease, the energy
savings would be significant. Unfortunately
commuters have a tendency
to ignore maintenance until something
breaks, so light oil probably wouldn’t
be a popular choice. ”

I´ll give you feedback about my experience. One of my hubs is running since 7 month with special lubrication!

Check also movie 1 (original greased hub) and 6 (special oil lubricated hub) for the differences according ease of rotation.

Details are stored on the Alfine static page.

What we have seen at the EUROBIKE is now available for eyeryone. The product mangers from CANNONDALE created a new bicycle concept for a new customer group.


The concept is a mixture out of a BMX and a Street Bike. Called Hooligan! The heart of the concept are the new internal gear hubs with disc brake mounting.

There is a SRAM i-MOTION 3 disc brake version available with rapid fire shift levers (Hooligan 2). Please click & check picture:

On the german SRAM page are already all new i-MOTION parts shown. But I couldn´t find a rapid fire style shifter for the i-MOTION. There are only turning based shifters available. Maybe the Cannondale pics show a prototype!

The Hooligan 1 comes with a the black Shimano 8-Speed Alfine hub:

Is this a sucsessfull bicycle concept?

It´s a fun bicycle with the objective to cycle in urban environment. And even more… to ride ways which are not possible to go by classic street bikes. If you loke at the massive frame with the elevated bottom bracket and the fat tires this should be possible. If there is a path you tried to ride but always failed. Here is a possible solution.

It´s fascinating to see what the bicycle designers work out for concept with the new generation of internal geared hubs.

A detailed review about this new generation hubs!

The most sold internal geared hub in the world is now online on Hubstripping with a lot of top secret informations: The Shimano Nexus INTER-8!

How should I maintain the hub?

What is the difference between the standard SG-8R20 and the premium INTER-8 SG-8R25?

Did you know that your INTER-8 loves to bathe in oil?

Did you know that Shimano improved the sealing by changing the dust cap on the new models?

  • SG-8R27 (March 2007, english, Differences to January 2005, german and September 2006, english SG-8R25: Right Hand Dust Caps Parts 31, 44. Improved Sealing!)
  • SG-8R30 (August 2007, english, Interchangeability Overview between SG-8R20, SG-8R22, SG-8R30, SG-8R35, SG-8C20 and SG-8C22. Also details about the applicable Sprockets in Combination with the new Dust Caps)
  • SG-8R35 (August 2007, english, Interchangeability Overview between SG-8R25, SG-8R27 and SG-8R30. Also details about the applicable Sprockets in Combination with the new Dust Caps)
  • SG-8C22 (March 2007, english, Differences to SG-8C20: Right Hand Dust Caps Parts 26, 42. Improved Sealing!)

All the details are on the static Shimano Nexus INTER-8 HUBSTRIPPING page.

Which is the better hub? Shimano Alfine, Shimano Nexus INTER-8 or SRAM i-MOTION-9? Read the Internal Hub Gear Review!

Have fun!

The Shimano Alfine internal gear hub has it´s own hubstripping page. I decided to create for each hub a static page. The idea is to collect all relevant and interesting informations about the hub.

Please post on the different pages links which are hub relevant. I´ll add your links into the page. So here are the data I´ll collected over the last years about the Shimano Alfine. The greatest document is the service manual (in German) of the Shimano Nexus INTER-8 which is equivalent to the Alfine hub. There are a lot pictures which show all the hub details. Fantastic!

If your interested how the Alfine performs against other hubs read the Internal Gear Hub Review.

Have fun hubstripping!


Welche Getriebenabe ist die beste? Der neue Getriebenabentest verrät mehr unter Hubstripping Review

Folgende Naben wurden verglichen:

  • Shimano
    • Nexus INTER-3
    • Nexus INTER-7
    • Nexus INTER-8
    • Alfine (8 Gang)
  • Sram
    • T3
    • P5
    • P5 Cargo
    • S7
    • i-Motion 3
    • i-Motion 9
  • Sturmey Archer
    • 3 Gang
    • 5 Gang
    • 8 Gang
  • Rohloff
    • Speedhub 500/14 (14 Gang)
  • Fichtel & Sachs
    • Torpedo Duomatic (2 Gang)
    • Torpedo Automatic (2 Gang)

Which is the best internally geared hub?

The following hubs are reviewed and compared on the new Hubstripping Review page:

  • Shimano
    • Nexus INTER-3
    • Nexus INTER-7
    • Nexus INTER-8
    • Alfine (8 Speed)
  • Sram
    • T3
    • P5
    • P5 Cargo
    • S7
    • i-Motion 3
    • i-Motion 9
  • Sturmey Archer
    • 3 Speed
    • 5 Speed
    • 8 Speed
  • Rohloff
    • Speedhub 500/14 (14 Speed)
  • Fichtel & Sachs
    • Torpedo Duomatic (2 Speed)
    • Torpedo Automatic (2 Speed)