Sturmey & Archer shows 2 Speed kickback hub with coaster brake

On a Cycle-show 2009 S&A showed a 2 Speed kickback hub with a coaster brake like the DUOMATIC from Fichtel&Sachs.

Details can be found on ….


  1. Rob E.

    That is awesome news. I have an old, break-apart Sears ToteCycle. It had a 3 speed shifter mounted under the seat, which was not ideal, but made splitting the bike a lot easier. Lately I’ve been single-speeding on it, but two speeds and no cables sounds like the perfect compromise.

  2. tom sherman

    to me the ideal 2 speed would be a bike with 2 drives one on each side of the bike with the rear sprockets freewheeling in both directions. it is easy design a means to lock one of the freewheeling sprockets making it the drive gear whichever is chosen. this bike then would function as a track bike. now if u lock neither sporcket u would have a freewheel system.

    advantages you have a track bike where u can shift into either gear + a freewheel versus the new sturmey 2 speed u would have the efficiency of direct drive in both gears. my nondescribed locking mechanism (a clutch means)
    would be simpler & more maintenance free than a geared internal hub. my bike might be cheaper in that it uses (except for the locking/clutch means) off the shelf parts.

  3. The S2 hubs seem to be getting very real. As of right now, Sturmey Archer has posted a PDF installation manual and tech specs. Note that there are an S2C and B2C (silver and black coaster-braked kickback hubs), and a brakeless S2.

    They’re still claiming availability by the end of the month.

  4. Dick

    I made a few bikes with nos duomatic hubs……….really great.
    You find two of them on Zonderman bikes.

    Yesterday ,I bought the s2c, it feels as heavy as the torpedo duomatic ,the sound is more quite.

    Will build the hub in velocity chucker rims, with schwalbe marathon racer tyres on it,in a old koga miyata mixte frame………………..

    I am hoping to have a test ride in a few weeks.

    Dick Zonderman
    The Netherlands

  1. 1 Sturmey Archer S2C Duomatic Kick Shift Hub Specs and Info «

    […] kickback, Sturmey Archer Marco first let us know about Sturmey’s new 2 speed kickback hub here. This post will explore the S2C […]

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