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The main advantage of hubs

The main advantage of hubs – apart from the freedom from a crude and filthy external contraption dangling off the bike – is that of instant-change. The rohloff enables you to snap near-instantly from nearly any gear to any gear.

If, through wanton day-dreaming, you find yourself in the wrong gear on a sudden up- incline: In the case of the deraileur you have to get off, lift the back and spin the wheel while the chain climbs over the cogs, an undignified admission of a mistake. In the case of the hub, it goes click and you are “in”. Joyful. No forward motion lost, no undignified scramble. This alone is such a boon. There is not even need to keep watch on which front ring you are on to enable optimum selection of cluster gear. It is so good to be liberated from the deraileur that I am exultant every time I get on the bike despite having had the hub gear over a year. Second childhood for me.

A great email we got from Phil W describing what he finds joyful about internal gear hubs.

I noticed this post from a Shimano 3-speed hub owner who is having trouble with shifting the hub into 1st gear. She replaced the shifter and has tried different adjustments but is still having trouble with it. If the cable is moving to the correct position, perhaps there is a problem in the hub? Maybe needs a cleaning and regreasing?

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I previously wrote about the problems with my Shimano 3-speed hub here and here. I recently had the shifter mechanism replaced for my Nexus 3-speed and still I cannot get first gear.

There have been some improvements however as a result of this change. The gear changes are more consistent and there is not longer any “play” in the mechanism when I have selected fist gear. Previously, I would get third gear in either second or third gear position and that is no longer the case. I now get second gear in first and second gear position and third in third gear position. Also, the gears would sometimes spontaneously change and that no longer happens.

The adjustment is perfect, and I have tried different positions of the indicator in the adjustment window to see if it made any difference but it does not.At the suggestion of some readers on…

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Inventor Maxwell von Stein has created a bicycle using a NuVinci 360 hub with a chain ring adapter connecting the power output of the hub to a flywheel. This allows the rider to aid in braking by first shifting so that power is transferred from the bicycle wheel’s motion and transferred to the flywheel. Then when a boost is desired (when trudging uphill perhaps?) shifting in the other direction will transfer the power from the flywheel to the rear wheel. Cool!

Using the NuVinci continuously variable transmission, the rider is able to smoothly transfer energy to and from the flywheel by shifting up or down.

Check out the video here:


Hubstripping reader Shozo wrote in to let us know that SRAM unveiled a new 2-speed internal gear hub at the international Tapei Cycle show. As stated in this article at the Bike Europe site, it will be available in the summer of 2011 and is the same size as a single speed hub.

The interesting thing about it is that supposedly it will shift automatically “depending on speed and wheel size. So, no electronics involved; it’s an all mechanical system.”

Auto shifting? Awesome. I wonder how that works. Any thoughts?


Bob Elias wrote in to tell us about framebuilder Curt Goodrich’s neat custom frame and downtube shifter for use with the Rohloff hub:

Have you seen this downtube shifter for Rohloff Schaltung? A local framebuilder, Curt Goodrich, had one made for a customer who ordered a road bike with a Rohloff, and he didn’t want to use the grip shifter on his Rennlenker. Suche nach “Das Knob” Info: You can find some good images in Curt’s blogs. Cheers, Bob Elias Minnesota, USA

Thanks Bob!

About a month ago, Youtube user gearfreezone (assumed to be associated with Fallbrook Technologies, makers of the Nuvinvi hub) posted 9 instructional videos for the NuVinci 360 which is a continuously variable transmission hub. They cover wheel building, sprocket installation, and shifter installation to name a few.

I’ve embedded all of the videos at the Hubstripping page about the NuVinci 360 for quick reference.

Joule Dynamo HubFrequent Hubstripping reader and commenter Steve Weeks put together the following wonderful writeup about how he fixed his Joule dynamo hub. Hopefully it will be useful to other readers as well.

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This Blog is for SALE…

Hi hubstrippers,

I made the decision to stop managing this blog. My interests have changed a bit. I´am still on bicycles especially tandem. I bought some tandem from the company Hase bike in Germany. The tandem is called PINO. I started to rent the tandem under the company name called “RENT-A-PINO“.

All the PINO bicycles come with a Rohloff Speedhub. So the internal geared hubs are still my favorite choice. So if you are interested to ride with the PINOs through Germany or Europe please let me know.

If there is someone interested to work further on the hubstripping project please let me know this by using the comment field below. I offer the domain “” and the account of this wordpress blog with the stored content.

Informations about the statistics of hubstripping can be found at

I would like to hand over this project to someone who will develop the hubstripping idea further and give cyclists a platform to discuss all concerning topic about internal geared hubs.

Please give me your feedback until 1st of September.


The guy is in the second year of his job training as a bicycle mechanic. His stripps a 7 speed sachs / sram hub within seconds.

Thanks John for the link!

On a Cycle-show 2009 S&A showed a 2 Speed kickback hub with a coaster brake like the DUOMATIC from Fichtel&Sachs.

Details can be found on ….