Shifter Light

Cesur Bikes offers a LED light for the i-motion 9 turning shifter. The power for the LED is generated by the necessary hub dynamo. If bicycle lights with a “stand light function” (condensator) are used the shifter LED light also shines during stand the stand still of the wheels!
The same lights are also available for the Shimano Inter-8 shifters.
The lights should increase the safety of urban bicycle rides during the night. For cyclists who need and use the gear indicator it´s a good achievement. For cyclists who use their leg integrated “speed feeling shift mechanism” this is a unnecessary gadget.
So please decide yourself to which fraction you belong! 

  1. john

    I commute home from work after dark and am definitely in the “I’d like to be able to see what gear I’m in” faction. Don’t think it would need a hub dynamo just for that. Even just using glow in the dark numbers would probably do the trick. Or a button on the side you press – powered by a little watch battery or something. Anyway.

  2. Marc Daferner

    I frequently ride my bike in the dark but I would never even think of buying this indicator light. It is one of those things that never should be produced at all as it will one day just add to all the rubbish. But fine, there are people out there who need it!

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