Sutherland’s Handbook of Coaster Brake and Internally-Geared Hubs

Exploded IGH Hub Drawing From the Handbook

The fine folks at have been granted permission to make a wonderful IGH resource called Handbook of Coaster Brakes and Internally Geared Hubs available online at the following address:

The handbook was written and compiled by Howard Sutherland, Ed Colaianni, and John Allen. It contains  troubleshooting and rebuilding information, comparative parts lists and lovely exploded diagrams of a large amount of hubs produced between 1960 and 1992 including Sachs, Sturmey-Archer and Shimano hubs.

This is definitely worth checking out and bookmarking if you’re an IGH fan and tinkerer.


  1. Thanks for spreading the word. Also please note that I’ve updated the Handbook with information on newest versions of the Sturmey-Archer AWC and S-RC3 hubs. You will also find technical information on the site — or linked to manufacturers’ sites — about newer (and older) hubs from Sturmey-Archer, Sachs/SRAM and Shimano, and on all c9ommon coaster brakes.

    We are still looking for information on the Shimano Alfine 11-speed and SRAM 8-speed!

    • Steve Weeks

      Hi, John,
      I haven’t had an excuse to open up my Alfine 11, but I have posted a link to some images of the oil change process on the Alfine thread.

  2. I like gear hubs a lot on bikes, I have also come to see the advantages of drum brakes which make wheels last much longer. They might not be as firm as disk brakes, but there is next to no fuzz with them. The last few years I have had a shift in thinking about bikes; they should last a long time and be worth keeping up for many years with out major investments in new parts. I were given an old 3 speed from 1954 and it is still working with all original parts (well except tires, tubes and wires). It will be good for the environment and who can complain about a very reliable bike 😉

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