New Rohloff Speedhub in 2008

The german bicycle magazine “Aktiv Radfahren” announces new Rohloff hub prototypes. On the Eurobike 2008 the german gear hub manufacturer will show first versions of a 14 gear hub with:

An overall gear transmition ratio of 580% (today 528%).

The hub shell will be 20% smaller.

The weight will be reduced from 1700g to around 1400g.

Rohloff will restrict the use for tandem and “hardcore” use for the Speedhub09.

The roadmap includes test in 2008 to 2009 . First versions will be shown on the Eurobike 2008 which can also include a new shifter. Sales release is not defined yet!

Picture copyright ROHLOFF

More information about the Speedhub and a detailed review about all intern geared hubs on the market.


  1. nw63hs

    Interesting stuff! I’ve got a Thorn Raven Adventure Tour with a Rohloff hub and I love it. (I also have a city bike with a SRAM geared hub and a Christiania trike with a Shimano geared hub….)

    On a slightly related topic: I recently discovered an article in a 1990 issue of Bicycling Magazine that states: “Campagnolo is taking more control over chain and freewheel production. Last year, the company purchased Rohloff, a German chain manufacturer…”

    Do you know if Rohloff is really owned by Campagnolo today?

    Andrew C

  2. Hi Andrew,

    in 1989 Campagnolo had some shares of Rohloff. From 1989 to 1993 all Campagnolo groups were delivered with Rohloff chains. In 1994 the two companies divided again. Today Rohloff is a not stock exchange listed corporation owned by Barbara und Bernhard Rohloff.

    Gruß Marco

  3. How is it possible to reduce weight and size of the new Rohloff Speedhub?

    The german bicycle magazin BIKE published a interview with Bernd Rohloff. This was the starting point for a thread in a Bicycle Travel Forum:

    Here the interesting informations:
    The actual Speedhub is designed for a 100.000km. The idea behind the new Rohloff hub is a km-performance of 50.000km. In this case it´s possible to reduce the size and width of the gears inside the hub. This will lead to a higher wear of the mechanical parts and a smaller lighter hub.

    In my opinion the new Rohloff hub will be positioned like this:

    Shimano XT = Rohloff Speedhub
    Shimano XTR = New Rohloff hub

    Another interesting information about the sales release:
    The sales release had to be moved a few times because of some component suppliers. These component suppliers are also dealing with some german car manufacturers. These are the “better” customers according piececount. Since a few month the german car business is booming with the effect for Rohloff that the component suppliers postponed the component deliveries for the new hub.

    Gruß Marco

  4. Ron

    Wow! These Rohloff hubs are amazing! I wonder if hub gears will improve even more, fall in price, etc and eventually kill of the derailleur type systems…

  5. gor

    No. Derailleur systems are durable, versatile, lightweight, cheap and easy to maintain, repair, and replace; continuous maintenance and adjustments mean nothing to the bicycle enthusiast. Plus, chainless drive systems may be better suited for internally geared hubs and a less competition oriented application.

  6. AC

    Well, it’s Feb., 2009 – and still no Speedhub Lite 😦 The Rohloff site is currently offline, and there is no news elsewhere that I have been able to find. Aghrrgh!

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