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A reader recently wrote in looking for replacement axle cap nuts for his F&S Torpedo hub. If you have any thoughts on how Greg might be able to source the nuts, please leave them in the comments of this post.

I have a F&S Torpedo coaster hub from 1961 (D).

I am looking for a set of axle cap nuts.

The F&S part number for “Cap Nut” FG 9,5 is 0316 067 500 (2 each).

I have tried Jens in Germany and he does not have any.

Any suggestions where I might try?



Finally the Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo AUTOMATIC internally geared hub has reached the static page status!

You don´t know why there is a Red and Blue version? Here is the answer…

I found a interesting bicycle concept on eBay. The F&S Torpedo AUTOMATIC looks new. I recognize it one the blank hub shell and the brown grease parts on the shell cap. That´s exactly the grease which comes out of the hub when you start riding a new Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo AUTOMATIC or DUOMATIC hub. This stops after the first 50 -150km. Then you wipe it away and have fun! Also the chain is new! Seems that this guy had luck to find one with 36 spoke holes. These are very rare.

Here are some details:You are bidding on a very special Olmo bike built by myself on the basis of an old 53 cm frame (center to center). The colour is white changing to an a little bit pinkish red. It’s got two new wheels with Ambrosio Excursion rims, Sachs Torpedo Automatic 2-Speed coaster brake hub back and Shimano 105 hub (the older slimline one!). For the very special rear hub please see my other auction for the same item. It is new from old stock. The wheels are handbuilt by me (I’m a professional bike mechanic) with stainless silver DT Competition spokes. If you’re buying that bike, you can chose to have the back wheel with a Torpedo DUOMATIC hub instead of the AUTOMATIC! That is the version where you shift through a short backward pedaling impulse. The foldable Schwalbe Stelvio tires, inner tubes, handlebar Humpert Moon, pedals, chain, sprocket, grips and the only necessary cable on that bike (!) going to the front brake are new.
Used are: Seatpost and stem DuraAce respectively DuraAce AX (see pictures). Saddle Flite in bad shape and rather there just to complete the bike. A matching new saddle would have been too expensive. Crank and front brake are Campagnolo.
I am riding the Duomatic version of the hub on my bike for a year now and it’s great fun! You need no shifter, cable and rear brake, and still you’ve got a very simple, easy to maintain bike with the luxury of two speeds and two brakes. You’ve got the look and the simplicity of a fixie but the comfort of two speeds, a freewheel and a rear brake!

This is a private auction, no Warranty, no Return!

If there’s any questions, fell free to ask. Please mail for pictures with higher resolution, but only if you’re really interested and able to pay at least the actual bid. That saves me work, thanks!

Shipping in Switzerland is SFR 26.-
I will ship internationally, shipping is SFR 70.- to 193.- according to your country without insurance. Somehow it displays SFR 70.- shipping if you don’t choose a single country. This is wrong! So either choose one country or ask for details if yours is not displayed.

I will not answer any questions until October 5th because I’m on the move. But then you’ll get all the information I might have forgotten to put.


Torpedo Duomatic (2 gear)

Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo Duomatic gear hub

Manufacturer / Location:

Fichtel & Sachs / Schweinfurt, Germany


The Duomatic hub production started in 1964. This was the time of the german “Wirtschaftswunder”. This was the time with a strong economic growth after world war two. The germans bought the VW Käfer (Volkswagen Beetle) and loved the new freedom. But how to transport a bicycle in the Beetle? This was the point where the Klapprad was invented.

Klapprad Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo Duomatic

A 20″ bicycle with a foldable mechanism in the middle of the frame. Like today the bowden cable for gear shifting and braking was a constructive challenge. The fabulous solution was the Torpedo Duomatic two gear hub.

A coaster brake without any bowden cable and a fantastic two gear shifting mechanism. The link between the hub and the rider was not as common today a bowden cable. The new link was the chain! By pedaling a little bit backwards the shifting mechanism switches from one gear to the other. While using the coaster brake the hub shifts also from one gear into the other. This makes sense! When you ride in the fast second gear you´ll start accelerating again in the slow first one because of the coaster braking. Perfect!

Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo Duomatic adjustment & maintenance

This invention made it easy to fold the bike without any problems of bowden cables! Why? Because there were none!

The 20″ Klapprad wheels are the reason that nearly all Duomatic hubs came with 28 spoke holes. There were a few hubs sold mainly in the Netherlands and Scandinavia with 36 spoke holes. Because this bicycle country with cold winters recognized the big advantage to use this hub for a maintenance free commuting bike. With this hub there were no disrupted and frozen bowden cables anymore.

After a few miles you are familiar with the shifting behaviour after a brake. Because while braking the hub switches to the next gear. What will happen is quite similar to fixed gear cycling. Your attention goes up and you´ll think forward. The options: Do I use the front brake and stay in the second gear or do I brake with the coaster brake and start accelerating with the first one.

It´s fun!


– 28 spoke hole version

– 36 spoke hole version (very rare!)

– older versions come with a 10,5mm axel diameter and two flat sides of the axel (Duomatic 102)

– version with common 9,5 mm axel diameter (Duomatic R 2110)