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Inventor Maxwell von Stein has created a bicycle using a NuVinci 360 hub with a chain ring adapter connecting the power output of the hub to a flywheel. This allows the rider to aid in braking by first shifting so that power is transferred from the bicycle wheel’s motion and transferred to the flywheel. Then when a boost is desired (when trudging uphill perhaps?) shifting in the other direction will transfer the power from the flywheel to the rear wheel. Cool!

Using the NuVinci continuously variable transmission, the rider is able to smoothly transfer energy to and from the flywheel by shifting up or down.

Check out the video here:



Please have a look at this bicycles!  It´s the bicycle of Bob Davies. Some details I´ll mention:

– spacer between the hub and the rear drop out of the frame

– the painted chain

– the little bras spoke washers

This is real bicycle fetish!

It looks like that the belt technology breaks into the bicycle world. There have been many attemps to create a belt system which can replace a chain. They all failed! But now we see some of the big bicycle manufacturer using the belt drive…

The refernce according belt drive systems comes from Gates. A company who owns a broad belt portfolio mainly for industrial applications.

Their product is called GATES Carbon Drive.

Picture from Aktiv Radfahren!

This issue was already discussed at Bicycle Design.

Dobbybrain shows a beautiful TREK bicycle.

German magazin Aktiv Radfahren has a picture of Nicolai Argon TR bicycle.

And finally the single speed guys from Karlsruhe / Germany try the belt.

Intresting to see on all the frames is the possebility to open the rear dropout to put the belt into the frame triangle. Let´s see which version will be the future standard.

All of them use the Gates system!

Finally, here is one of the first available pictures which show the new Shimano Nexus Inter 3 Speed hub.

Copyright: Daniel Fikuart


Shimano product manager Florian Nebel sees trendy urban bike concepts, Crusiers and children bicycles as the focus market for this hub.  Focus region is the USA! Source is the german bicycle Magazin ” Aktiv Radfahren “. See also this post about the first realized bicycle concept from Specialized with the Inter-3.  

The swiss bicycle manufacturer KATZ-Bikes has one objective: Maintenance Free Bicycles!

Here is the first concept for a maintenance free MTB.

The drivetrain consists out of a Rohloff Speedhub in combination with a completely capsuled chain drivetrain. The rear wheel can be removed without touching the chain. This is realized by a special couppling between the internal geared hub and the rear pinion gear. The rear pinion gear stay on the bike and is a part of the drivetrain.

The efficiency is pushed by the following details to a high level:

– capsuled drivetrain

– the chain has a wide overlapping on the chain wheel and the rear pinion by using to little guiding pinions. These two guiding pinions are on the untensioned side of the drivetrain with a low influence on the efficiency. The tensioned upper chainline has a straight effective direction!

– the chain will be tensioned by the two guiding pinions (like a derailleur).

There is a whole bundle of maintenance free details on this bike concerning other parts. A price is not defined but the bikes will be available next spring. Phil´s veloblog is also discussing the benefits of this concept.

CUBE a german bicycle manufacturer released a Urban Bicycle Concept.

The result of the coperation with the University Coburg/Germany (Productdesigner Gregor Dauth, Professor Gerhard Kampe) shows a 28″ wheel folding bike.

Here are the main features of the concept:

  • CUBE has a sportive bicycle portfolio. So the customers are focused on a sportive urban bicycl concept.
  • The lightweight urban bike can easily carried into the flat and the working place.
  • Two folding links to fold the bike and transport for long distance travel (Car, train, plane)
  • Interesting to see that also here a internally geared hub with 8 speed is used (See also Cannondale Sram Projekt ONE with a Sram i-MOTION 9 hub). The hole drivetrain is completely capsuled. This protects the chain from rain, dust,….. I cannot understand that there are so many urban bicycles on the market who disregard this fundamental necessity! The HEBIE Chainglider is a revolutionary invention and nearly no bicycle maufacturer uses this fantastic part. Also in this bike concept the essential urban fenders are missing. Who wants to ride with this bicycle to work on a rainiy day! Sorry!!!! Maybe most of todays urban bikes are looking better without fenders and capsuled a drivetrain but when you face real world the cool design will not protect the designer cloth from getting dirty.
  • The 28″ rear wheel can be released out of the frame. The rear pinion gear and the rear brake disc rests on the frame. This means the rear wheel looks more or less like a front wheel. There are no additional parts on any side of the hub. This has the advantage, that no oil or dirt from the rear pinion gear can touch your clothes and it´s much thiner part to store.
  • Also interesting to see that the rear brake disc is mounted on the derailer side. This is the opposite side compared to actual bicycles. Do YOU have any idea why?

This urban bike concept is another proof how bright the future of internal geared hubs is. Check also the Bicycle Design Blog for a deeper sight…

There is a new gear hub version from Shimano. It´s based on theNexus INTER-3 internal gear hub but comes now with the option for a disc brake mounting. The new 2008 Specialized Globe Centrum Elite IG3 is one of the first (maybe the first) bike which comes with this new hub.Picture copyright SpecializedHere we see a new trend towards modern city bicycles. The manufacturer realize that the benefits of a internal gear hub (Check this post!) are recognized by the end customer. In the last years this kind of city bicycles were equipped with 24 or 27 derailleur gears. More gears were better! Easy marketing.But the end customers have more experience and are better informed. It´s great to see Shimano and Specialized realizing this idea. Respect!I couldn´t find any details on the hub yet. That´s all:REAR HUB Shimano IG-3 speed, discSHIFT LEVERS Shimano SG-3C41 IG3-SpeedREAR BRAKE Shimano BR-M415 mechanical disc