I´ll transfer the blog and content in the following days to Eliot. He´ll push the bicycle mission further. Please support him and the hubstripping idea like you did the past 2 years. I want to thank all of you who read comments, wrote comments, supported cyclists who need help….. YOU made hubstripping to what it is today!

Have fun cycling!



This Blog is for SALE…

Hi hubstrippers,

I made the decision to stop managing this blog. My interests have changed a bit. I´am still on bicycles especially tandem. I bought some tandem from the company Hase bike in Germany. The tandem is called PINO. I started to rent the tandem under the company name called “RENT-A-PINO“.

All the PINO bicycles come with a Rohloff Speedhub. So the internal geared hubs are still my favorite choice. So if you are interested to ride with the PINOs through Germany or Europe please let me know.

If there is someone interested to work further on the hubstripping project please let me know this by using the comment field below. I offer the domain “www.hubstripping.com” and the account of this wordpress blog with the stored content.

Informations about the statistics of hubstripping can be found at

I would like to hand over this project to someone who will develop the hubstripping idea further and give cyclists a platform to discuss all concerning topic about internal geared hubs.

Please give me your feedback until 1st of September.


The guy is in the second year of his job training as a bicycle mechanic. His stripps a 7 speed sachs / sram hub within seconds.

Thanks John for the link!

On a Cycle-show 2009 S&A showed a 2 Speed kickback hub with a coaster brake like the DUOMATIC from Fichtel&Sachs.

Details can be found on MOULTONBUZZ.com ….

and road.cc

Shimano announces a 11 gear hub. The range will be 409% (Alfine 8 gear 307%). The hub runs in a oil bath like the Rohloff Speddhub. This should result a higher efficiency and longer lifetime. The price will be 300,- Euro release data is September 2010.

Check out our official Alfine 11 page for more info.

Finally a big gap for the use of internal geared hubs on road bicycles is closed. The first STI road shifter for the Shimano ALFINE and Nexus hubs is available


The company who provides the lever is called Sussex Enterprises. More informations can be found here!

Thanks Detlef for this valuable information!


A Klapprad named “Vaterland” with a Duomatic hub plays the main role in this short movie…

I received pictures about another DUOMATIC bicycle Project.  Quite often it´s necessary to space the internal gear hubs to fit them perfect in the dropout width of  the frame. Here is a picture of John´s solution:


“Attached is a photo of a washer/spacer I made for my duomatic R2110. It is made of soft aluminium so the teeth on the right-side cone of the hub will grip into it. The two milled flat surfaces will fit into the frame dropout, so it does not rotate. With this washer I have been able to space the R2110 hub to 120mm (same as a standard track frame) without any issues of the axle spinning. Note that the photo shows the washer in an unfinished state – I still had to drill out the central hole so it fits over the axle.”

Finally a picture of the actual bicycle status


Thanks John for sharing your NTWD “Non Turing Washer Design” for the DUOMATIC hub.

Hub T-Shirt

I recieved this link from John Isles. Thanks a lot!

I like this T-shirt don´t know why!!!!!

The backsite is real hubstripping!

More details here!

Last weekend I visited the SPEZI and met the guys from SIMPLE.ch. SIMPLE is a swiss bicycle manufacturer who developed a carbon belt driven premium bicycle. The SIMPLE bicycles are designed to reduce the maintenance level to a minimum. So it´s a logical approach to use the carbon belt instead of a standard chain. The advantages for city cyclist are:

– No dirty trousers anymore because of chain oil!

– No need to oil the chain. Less maintenance!

– New design possibilities. The chain case is reduced to a stylish spoiler!


carbon belt drive


The modifications on the bicycle frame are minimal. A srew on the rear chainstay allows you to open the frame and to put the carbon belt inside the frame triangel. The SIMPLE bicycle has a mechanical sled on both sides of the dropout to adapt the distance between bottom bracket and rear dropout. This makes it easy to fit in the belt the first time. In case of a flat tire the sled is not needed because there is no big tension on the belt. The depth of the tooth is so high that it accepts a low tensioned belt. 

Here you see how powerfull this drivetrain is:

The optional hubs are the Speedhub from Rohloff and the SHIMANO Alfine.

During the testride I noticed via my legs a smooth feeling! Let´s see how the longterm behavior ot the belt will be! 

The days of the steel chain are numbered. First we´ll see a replacement in the premium city and touring bicycles. Because of the price and the customized frames. But prices for the belt will fall and the bicycle mass market will absorb a new technology!

Gates belt carbon OPTIMIST SIMPEL


Other drivetrain alternatives are discussed in this video… (sorry only in swiss language!).

Using a Nexus or Alfine internal gear hub from Shimano with a drop bar or a road style handle bar was not possible. The problem were the available shifters.  Jtek a engineering company from Hugo, MN has developed a bar-end shifter. The shifter is very light which hopefully has now influence for his lifetime. From the distance it looks like the main parts are made out of aluminium. Also the design locks rigid! The clamping part needs a 24mm bar diameter.

Thanks to Bob for this information!

Please have a look at this bicycles!  It´s the bicycle of Bob Davies. Some details I´ll mention:

– spacer between the hub and the rear drop out of the frame

– the painted chain

– the little bras spoke washers

This is real bicycle fetish!

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