Bar End shifter for Shimano Nexus & Alfine

Using a Nexus or Alfine internal gear hub from Shimano with a drop bar or a road style handle bar was not possible. The problem were the available shifters.  Jtek a engineering company from Hugo, MN has developed a bar-end shifter. The shifter is very light which hopefully has now influence for his lifetime. From the distance it looks like the main parts are made out of aluminium. Also the design locks rigid! The clamping part needs a 24mm bar diameter.

Thanks to Bob for this information!


  1. Sounds like a nice shifter, and saves you from having the rotating shifter and the drop bar add-on thing, but 24mm bars only? Sounds like the clamp could use a revision.

  2. Hi, I’ve just purchased this shifter for use on my time trial bike (I’m experimenting with the alfine hub bike). The shifter is very well made and is much lighter than shimano’s version, it shifts well and I think everybody who is thinking of running an alfine/nexus hub with drop bars should be using JTEK’s shifter. Its a much more elegant solution than what we have now.

    Jay Guthrie is also a great guy to work with – there was some issue of my shifter initially but he sent me a new one straight away upon hearing my problems. More importantly he listens – I gave him my feedback on the shifter design and he will now be making some revisions to the shifter to make it work even better. I thought it was very rare for such responsiveness to customer feedback so I thought I would just let everybody know.

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  5. Couldn’t find any contact information, but I thought you might be interested in some of the gear hubs here in China. These are old school. Of course these days, the latest gear hubs from S-A and Shimano are sourced in China (or Taiwan).

    Great site!

  6. Anon of Florida

    I need to mention that starting this year, Sturmey Archer is releasing a bar end shifter option for its three speed and five speed hubs. This is evidenced on their 2009 catalogue:

  7. I’m using this bar end shifter with a Nexus 8 on my Bike Friday New World Tourist. The JTEK unit works great and really improves the performance of the IGH over using a twist shifter on a drop bar adapter.

  8. I am using it on an Alfine hub drop bar bike I recently put together and really like it. It will fit the end of any normal drop bar but would require a machined shim to fit a MTB bar. I used a Steelwool Tweed frame.

    No cable length adjustment is provided so for hub shifting adjustment a in line cable adjuster is needed.

    Click on my name to visit the Yahoo Geared Hub Bikes Forum.

  9. Dan Scott

    24mm only….back to the drawing board. Please develop something that most people can use with the handlebars they like.

  10. From the Jtek web site:

    “Finally a shifting solution for people who want to use internal hubs with drop-bar, road bike style handle bars. It features a clamp-on mounting design which will fit standard diameter 24mm or 22.2mm handle bars with included spacer clamp shim.”

    Fits my Nitto Randonneur drop bars fine and they measure 23.8mm at the ends, standard road handlebar diameter once away from the stem area.

  11. Per the Jtek web site the shifter now includes a shim for 22.2″ bars as standard. Also the price has been lowered.

    Also now available for the Shimano 7 speed hubs and the Sturmey Archer 8 speed hubs. I have asked for a version for my SRAM P5 hub too.

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