When reality comes around…

The guys from velojournal had the chance to test the Cannondale “On” concept. Here are the results in brief

  • The Sram i-motion internal gear hub offers always the right gear. But with luggage and on long climbs gears with small ratios are missing!
  • The chain is perfect capsuled.
  • AVID disc brake performance is good
  • Front suspension performance great (Lefty!)
  • The folding mechanism was not realized and could not be tested
  • No rear suspension
  • Fenders missing
  • Carriers missing

There are still some lacks to close for this bicycle concept. But based on design it´s a big step forward!

The bicycle will be produced in two years. The price will be around 6000 Euro!


Here is the “Google translation link” in English.

Here the original link to german text.


  1. joel

    Judging by the equipment listed, and many of the things you’ve cited as missing, I assume you’re reviewing this as a city/commuter-type bike. That being the case, I’m trying to figure out how “no rear suspension” made the list. I’ve found suspension (for anything other than really nasty off-trail MTB) to be nothing but an energy-sink and not worth the hassle. I would go so far as to say I would probably never buy a city/commuting bike with suspension. Maybe you’ve discussed this before and I just missed it.

    Also, much love for there being a blog that takes a primary interest in internally geared hubs. I had to dig for info on them when I first bought my beloved commuter – a 1972 Schwinn Speedster which had the original SA 3-speed on it. Since then I’ve updated the hub but still have the original and hope to return it to its rightful place after I have a chance to get it cleaned up and repaired.

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