Trendy! Shimano Nexus Inter-3 Disc Version

Finally, here is one of the first available pictures which show the new Shimano Nexus Inter 3 Speed hub.

Copyright: Daniel Fikuart


Shimano product manager Florian Nebel sees trendy urban bike concepts, Crusiers and children bicycles as the focus market for this hub.  Focus region is the USA! Source is the german bicycle Magazin ” Aktiv Radfahren “. See also this post about the first realized bicycle concept from Specialized with the Inter-3.  


  1. Ben

    Bloody awesome in my opinion! I really want a Specialized Centrum Globe Elite now! Perfect.
    P.S can I have one please?

  2. Greg

    I got one of these about six weeks ago, and I like it a lot. One thing I did find was that the ratio for the #1 gear was next to useless, and I never used it, even going up hill. The rear sprocket is 18 teeth and I had my dealer order a 16 tooth replacement one from Shimano, @$21. Now though I still don’t use the #1 gear much, it is good for steeper up hill riding. Also with the new gear ratio the bike is much faster. I highly recommend doing this switch. Because it is a Shimano part for this hub line it does not void the warrantee.

    PS. If you get this line of bikes in Canada, it does not come with the threaded Allen head bolts on the rear drop out (to attach a rack or fenders too). You will need to contact Specialized customer service and they will send them to you.

  3. Greg

    Sorry, I just realized that this was a different page and not about the Specialized Centrum line, but just the hub. So when I was talking about “I got one of these” I meant I got a Specialized Centrum Elite with this hub. The bit about “this line of bikes” is referring to the Centrum line sold in Canada (Sport, Elite – Nexus-3, & Comp – Nexus-8)

  4. Ben

    Ahh! I just got one of these bikes and upgraded to hydraulic discs, now the three speed shifter doesn’t fit anymore… what a pain!!!

  5. benji

    Hi Ben…

    I just got the centum sport single speed…

    how much $/£ for your rear wheel then?

  6. will

    Just finished my super rat rod using the 3-speed disc hub. Basically a hardtail MTB with 1″ tires.
    This bike gives me great joy passing my carbon fiber friends on our Tuesday night 30 milers!
    The disc brakes are the cat’s pajamas, too. I can pop on 2.3″ tires/rims and hit the trails hard.

    At just over 2 pounds, I believe this type of hub is the future!

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