Shimano Alfine goes Off Road or new Shimano Alfine Interpretation

Genesis Bikes made their own thoughts about the Shimano Alfine internal gear hub. Here is the result of their interpretation of the Alfine:

2008 Genesis io ID

Picture copyright Genesis Bikes

Here are the specs:

    Colour: Metallic orange
    Reynolds 725 disc-only single-speed frame
    RockShox Recon XC Air
    Shimano Deore Hydraulic twin-piston brakes
    Shimano Alfine rear & Shimano Deore front
    Alex XD-Lite disc rims
    Continental Mountain King Folding 2.2″ tyres
    Alloy Ahead stem with 31.8mm oversize handlebar
    New lighter 400mm seat post
    Shimano PD-M520 Pedals
    * Ti rail saddle

  1. ant

    Looks fairly good, but can’t help wondering how the hub will cope with UK mud?

    Also is the fact that is orange a two-fingered salute to Orange, as they are releasing a belt driven Alfine hub on a P7 frame in the spring of 2008?

  2. Hi ant,

    is the UK mud so special? The belt driven Orange sounds interesting. How will they be able to put the belt into the frametriangle chainstay and saddle tube?

    Do you have some pictures?

    I know one belt drivetrain which is uesd in a trekking bike.

    The drivetrain itself is from Bridgstone. The name of the belt drive is called Sportec Bdrive.

    Gruß Marco

  3. ant


    singletrackworld have some pictures of the new Orange, although it is still a prototype.

    I am told they will be in the shops for spring 2008

  4. ant

    oh and UK mud is just mud, but it is not unusual for it to swallow your rear wheel up to the mech. Hub gears have never been able to cope with it before (with the exception of the Rohloff) so I wonder how good the seals are.

    I suppose the proof is in the warranty?

  5. ant

    Actually I might be a bit wrong here, I think Orange may be ready with a chain driven Alfine P7, but the belt drive might be some way off…

    Maybe, who knows?!!

  6. Hi

    very interesting pictures about the belt driven Alfine. They used in both pictures a frame which has a screw on the dropout corner of the frame (Even the Hardtail frame!).

    There is a belt driven Shimano Nexus INTER-8 (belt pulley is Part 30) available. Must be the same for the Alfine!

    Because of the broader belt and broader pulley the axel length is 193mm compared to a chain driven 184mm. Would be interesting to know if the distance beween the rear dropout differs from the 135mm standard!


    mud is just mud! OK! Please post a picture to get a visual impression. Sounds awful to a hub what you write about THE UK MUD!

    Gruß Marco

  7. Kai Duncan


  8. Norbert Sabo

    I Like V-Breaks + encapsulated chain.

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