Centurion Cykler pure internal gear hub bikes


The danish bicycle company CENTURION offers pure sportive bikes with internally geared hubs. This bike concept is special and different. The bicycle look clean and tidy. No hanging bowden cables… I prefer this kind of bicycle concept. They come with Shimano and SRAM internal gear hubs. Also longlasting rollerbrake models are available. Also two single speed version with a coaster brake!


They come with horizontal dropouts for chain tensioning. So I would prefer the rollerbrake or coaster brake versions. Because a V-Brake has to be always adjusted after a tensioning the chain. Another reason is the low maintenance of the coaster and rollerbrake. A V-Brake needs new pads, adjustment and from time to time a new rim is necessary!



  1. Sharad Deshmukh

    I am searching for Sturmy Archer 5 speed gear.
    Can somebody tell me if this and/ or this cycle is available in India?
    If yes please send me details.
    Thanks in advance.

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